The Commuter’s Handbook

The dreaded commute. The flat-line of your day? or an untapped gold mine of productivity? CALCULATE - HOW LONG DO YOU REALLY SPEND? Calculating your commute time can be a sobering exercise. Take the time to calculate your commute + travel time for the year, the result may shock you. Pull out your trusty calculator … Continue reading The Commuter’s Handbook

Corporate Army Composition

Ancient Armies and Their Modern Corporate Equivalents. Disclaimer: First and foremost; I am not a historian... I am not even relatively knowledgeable when it comes to ancient military tactics. BUT I have listened to a lot of Hardcore History. So... there's that. Preface: I became very fascinated with different ancient army compositions and their successes and … Continue reading Corporate Army Composition

Conversational Optimization: Buenas Disculpe

Just returned from a trip to Mexico. Not resort Mexico... but real Mexico. Being the conversational nerd that I am, the biggest thing that I appreciated about Mexican culture is the structure of their introductory language and the advantages that it has over English. "Disculpe" Disculpe > Excuse Me Discuple is my favourite Spanish word. … Continue reading Conversational Optimization: Buenas Disculpe