Bronze, Silver & Gold Customer Funnel

Selling online is funnel-centric. Customers come in at the top of your marketing funnel at 'Awareness' and move through the buying process to eventually Checkout (Marketing diagram below). But customer acquisition can be expensive. Web traffic can come and go with ad spending, and you always need to keep your marketing material fresh and interesting. … Continue reading Bronze, Silver & Gold Customer Funnel

Corporate Army Composition

Ancient Armies and Their Modern Corporate Equivalents. Disclaimer: First and foremost; I am not a historian... I am not even relatively knowledgeable when it comes to ancient military tactics. BUT I have listened to a lot of Hardcore History. So... there's that. Preface: I became very fascinated with different ancient army compositions and their successes and … Continue reading Corporate Army Composition

Conversational Optimization: Buenas Disculpe

Just returned from a trip to Mexico. Not resort Mexico... but real Mexico. Being the conversational nerd that I am, the biggest thing that I appreciated about Mexican culture is the structure of their introductory language and the advantages that it has over English. "Disculpe" Disculpe > Excuse Me Discuple is my favourite Spanish word. … Continue reading Conversational Optimization: Buenas Disculpe